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Built with premium materials, 13 Fishing gear ensures long-lasting performance in the toughest fishing conditions.

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Cutting-edge technology and thoughtful designs cater to both novice and seasoned anglers for an enhanced fishing experience.

Precision and Performance

Engineered for accuracy and smooth operation, 13 Fishing reels and rods deliver exceptional control and efficiency.

Comprehensive Product Range

From lures to rods, 13 Fishing offers a wide selection of top-tier fishing equipment to meet all your needs.


13 FISHING – Concept A2 – Baitcast Reels

13 FISHING – Origin A – Baitcast Reels

13 FISHING – Source X – Spinning Reels

13 FISHING – Architect A – Spinning Reels (Freshwater + Saltwater)

13 FISHING – Concept Z SLIDE – Baitcast Reels – Includes Skull Cap Low-Profile Baitcast Reel Cover


13 FISHING – Defy Black – Baitcast Fishing Rods

13 FISHING – Fate Black – Baitcast Fishing Rods

13 FISHING – Omen Black – Baitcast Fishing Rods

13 FISHING – Fate V3 – Baitcast Fishing Rods


13 FISHING – Origin A / Defy White – Baitcast Combos

13 FISHING – Ambition – Spinning Fishing Combos

13 FISHING – Heatwave – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

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Elevate Your Angling Experience with Superior Fishing Gear

Renowned for unmatched durability, innovative designs, and exceptional performance, 13 Fishing offers a comprehensive range of products crafted for every angler.

Elevate your fishing game with precision-engineered rods, reels, and accessories designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver unparalleled success.


I’ve been using this rod for a couple of months and overall, I’m extremely satisfied. The only minor issue I’ve encountered is that the white handle gets dirty easily, but that’s expected with its color. I do wish the hook keeper was above the reel, but I knew its position when I bought it, so that’s on me.

What really stands out is the rod’s quality and sensitivity, especially for the price. I own several rods in this price range, but none of them compare to this one. The grips initially seemed unappealing in pictures, but they turned out to be surprisingly comfortable.

The rod’s performance is on par with some of the big-name brands, and I’ve already bought a second one. For its price and performance, I highly recommend this rod.

Callum Peterson

I recently purchased a new baitcaster reel, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. Right out of the box, the reel exudes quality with its sleek matte black finish and compact profile, making it a visually stunning piece of equipment. It’s not overly large, which I appreciate as it fits comfortably in my hand.

The reel is incredibly smooth, even when just putting the line on.

I can confidently say that this reel is a strong contender for the best baitcaster in my collection. The casting ability is phenomenal, and the reel operates smoothly with every cast. The brake, tension, and drag controls are solid and responsive, making adjustments easy and precise.

Comfort is another highlight; the reel feels great in hand even during extended use. Overall, this baitcaster has exceeded my expectations, and I would strongly recommend it to any angler looking for a reliable and high-performing reel.

Evan Potts

I absolutely love the 13 Defy Silver rods for trout and panfish. They consistently deliver an extra 10-15 yards of casting distance with ultra-light lures.

Over the years, I’ve even landed a 4 lb. bass and a 6 lb. catfish with the Ultra-light 7-footer. Recently, I ordered three more. The rods themselves are top-notch, earning a solid five stars for performance and durability.

The open cork grip enhances sensitivity, and the additional guides provide better line protection and action.

For the price, these rods rival even higher-end models.

Wilbur Haynes